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Doors for Schools

The doors located in educational centres are elements that must withstand heavy traffic, and suffer many scratches, bumps, graffiti, among other frictions. For these reasons and for the quality we offer, Soleco’s doors for educational centres provide the best materials. Thanks to our manufacturing method and our years of experience, we can guarantee the quality, strength and durability of each component and a quick installation with our patented Knock-Down system.

We have an extensive catalogue of door models designed especially for schools, nurseries, institutes, colleges, universities, vocational training centres or special centres with 100% made-to-measure manufacturing.

We offer advice and quotations with no obligation to adapt our production to every need: doors for educational centres, blind or glazed, with a fixed central window, with a glazed upper mullion, and in the colours that, while respecting the aesthetics, are preferred.

Soleco school doors prioritise safety and durability

We are aware of the traffic that doors have in educational centres. That is why we prioritise the safety of teachers, students and anyone who performs functions within schools, such as administrative, maintenance and cleaning staff and anyone who interacts with them, in all our production of the components used to manufacture these elements. 

We adapt our manufacturing systems for school doors to each specific need.

We apply the best technology in the manufacture of our paint coatings on frames and doors. We offer you total security against corrosion, offering the best aesthetic appearance to the centre.

Soleco guarantees the fixation of your metal frames in a consistent and durable way. The durability of our elements is guaranteed and makes us leaders in the sector. 

We have galvanised frames that are resistant to strong impacts; we have high quality stainless steel frames, which provide greater hygiene and resistance;

We offer great versatility and the best finishes because we manufacture doors with frames and hardware 100% adapted to your needs.

Sturdy doors without compromising on aesthetics

At Soleco we manufacture and distribute the best doors without sacrificing the harmony of their location. Our catalogues show a multitude of magnificent finishes in any colour and texture you need for your educational centre. And even doors for hospitals.

School doors

We specialise in the manufacture of doors for schools, with designs adapted to every need: with fixed glazing or without glazing, with transparent, semi-translucent or translucent windows, etc. 

Our doors have the certifications required by European fire regulations, preventing the spread of fire, as well as the appropriate acoustic certifications. 

Soleco’s doors for educational centres are resistant, withstand heavy traffic and are quick to clean, which extends their useful life.

Doors for universities and colleges

Soleco’s high school doors and frames are guaranteed to be secure and durable, as these are places where uncivic behaviour can occur, as well as high levels of human traffic. 

That’s why Soleco has equipment for doors, frames and windows adapted to long-term operation.

We present steel frames, innovative and very resistant, with a Knock-down system that facilitates their installation even after partitioning; doors with acoustic conditioning for all types of spaces, of different dimensions, with a high degree of echo or reverberation of the room.


Doors for sports areas

They are manufactured with stainless steel frames and optionally with fire resistance according to Ei 30 and Ei 60.

Doors for music classrooms

We manufacture made-to-measure doors for music classrooms approved to acoustic standards for 30 db, 32 dB and 42 dB. 

Soleco doors for laboratory classrooms

We offer our Soleco special sealing kit for isolation areas with double rebate, concealed hinge, bottom sash and the possibility to choose flush glass.

Finger trap door systems for educational establishments

Soleco provides the best anti-finger trap doors for classrooms in high schools, schools, nurseries and kindergartens.

Our systems offer a special method from the floor to the desired height to prevent children from catching their fingers in the doors.

We have gates with guards to prevent children from hurting themselves.

Order school doors of the highest quality today: our models include innovative safety glass, and door blockers that prevent children from operating the doors, as well as appropriate decoration and a wide range of colours.

And, of course, be sure to visit our hidden frames section, the newest system for installing interior doors.


Easy maintenance

Easy cleaning and maintenance thanks to the use of hygienic and resistant materials.

Easy installation

Adjustable Knock-Down® system that facilitates placement after partitioning.


Easy installation in new construction and renovation.

Long durability

Great durability thanks to the use of top quality materials.

Sello de resistencia a los golpes
Shock resistant
Logo sello higiénico
Sello antihumedad
Sello aislante acústico
Acoustic Insulation