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Hotel Doors

In a hotel, doors play a dual role: on the one hand, they are key to maintaining the security, privacy and comfort of the users; and, at the same time, they must preserve the prevailing aesthetics and design. Our hotel doors are adapted to current building regulations on fire resistance and acoustics, and combine top quality materials, resistant to the highest traffic, with customised hotel door manufacturing projects.

All hotel doors for access to rooms must be approved according to the Ei30 fire resistance standard and the American UL 10C standard, which includes certification that the frame and door comply with the safety requirements for hotel users and workers.

In our catalogue of hotel doors you will find a wide variety of finishes and types of hotel doors: doors for rooms, hotel doors for common areas and hotel doors for public areas.

Soleco hotel doors have 30dB, 32dB and 42DdB acoustic certifications.

In order to guarantee maximum privacy in an away-from-home environment for guests, hotels must offer hotel doors, both in shared areas such as bathrooms and in those separating rooms and corridors, maximum confidence regarding their security and privacy.

To this goal, various quality certifications have been established and awarded by independent companies to manufacturers of hotel doors, such as Soleco, which improve the acoustic conditioning of their components.

When an individual or family books a hotel room, they expect the doors leading to the room to offer a minimum of privacy.

Soleco’s hotel room and entrance doors ensure compliance with the acoustic regulations in each city, as well as the general building regulations. 

Isophonic doors or acoustic doors

Having isophonic doors in a hotel does not mean breaking with the design line and personality that you want to give to the hotel project. Soleco guarantees that its acoustic doors for hotels respect the harmony of the space.

The finishes of our isophonic hotel doors are almost the same as those of any standard door: you can choose between lacquered doors for the rooms or with laminate and melamine coatings among the most popular ones.  

Approved hotel fire doors

Any malpractice in communal areas, swimming pool areas or bathing areas with flammable objects can lead to an outbreak of fire. For this reason, regulations require hotel fire doors to be approved.

Our room access doors as well as the profiles and finishes of all common areas comply with Ei 30, Ei 45, Ei 60 and UL 10C.

In terms of fire protection, the technical building code explains which requirements a hotel door must meet in order to be accepted as safe. In this respect, the standard differentiates between the different types of doors in a hotel.

All types of finishes on Soleco hotel doors

All our hotel doors, whether they are doors for common areas and bathrooms, room access doors or lobby doors, are available in a wide range of finishes. Our goal is to always maintain the style and personality of the hotel.

The frames of Soleco’s hotel doors are made of metal with a baked-on RAL lacquer that generates a very characteristic matt and textured effect. The finishes for the bathroom doors (whether or not they are sliding doors), the room access doors or the interior doors of the hotel, allow you to choose between low-pressure melamine, high-pressure laminates or glass doors for the manufacture of hotel doors for rooms and bathrooms. 

Features of Soleco room access doors

How are the entrance doors to the rooms that we manufacture made to measure? They are a 2-piece telescope that can be installed in drywall and brickwork and have these qualities:

  • High durability: we only use the highest quality materials.
  • Resistant to knocks (suitcases, misuse, etc.) and heavy traffic.
  • Easy to install whether you are building a new hotel or renovating an existing one
  • Our unique patented Knock Down system makes it easy to fit the installation of the doors in any infrastructure, such as educational centers, hotels or residences for the elderly
  • We use 1.5 mm thick galvanised steel and 1.2 mm thick stainless steel, high-strength stainless steel hinges (certified for 200,000 openings) and all the hardware you can imagine. 
  • They comply with Ei 30, Ei 45 and Ei 60 and UL 10C fire resistance standards, and acoustics for 30 dB, 32 dB and 42 dB.

We manufacture made-to-measure bathroom doors and common areas for hotels.

Hotel doors for communal areas such as communal bathrooms, offices, spas, kitchens, storerooms, recreational areas or nurseries, among others, consist of a 2-piece telescopic door suitable for dry partition walls and brickwork with these qualities:

  • High durability.
  • Resistant to knocks, traffic and humidity.
  • Easy to install in new buildings and in refurbishments thanks to our exclusive and patented Knock Down system.

Order your hotel doors with Soleco and receive personalised advice, commitment and a guarantee of excellent quality.


Easy maintenance

Easy cleaning and maintenance thanks to the use of hygienic and resistant materials.

Easy installation

Adjustable Knock-Down® system that facilitates placement after partitioning.


Easy installation in new construction and renovation.

Long durability

Great durability thanks to the use of top quality materials.

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