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Hospital Doors

The construction of a hospital, clinic or primary care facility requires precise compliance with the applicable building regulations. For the manufacture of doors for hospitals and health centres, we work to the highest quality standards. Take a look at our catalogue of hospital doors.

Soleco’s doors for clinics and hospitals are resistant to impacts, scratches and are designed and manufactured to withstand a high frequency of use. In a health centre, hospital doors are subject to a high traffic of people and materials (stretchers, wheelchairs, blows due to openings in emergency situations).


Purchasing high quality hospital doors

At Soleco Cercos we have developed our own system for technical doors and metal frames that we install in doors for hospitals, clinics and health centres:

  • Metal frames, either in the form of galvanised steel or stainless steel technical frames.
    • Soleco Cercos galvanised steel technical frames for clinic and hospital doors can be telescopic or fixed, although they all adapt to any partition wall. All of them are supplied lacquered according to the RAL chart.
    • Stainless steel technical frames: they offer great strength and durability for any solution.
  • Tailor-made technical doors for clinics and hospitals with great durability, resistance and with our innovative patented Knock-Down® assembly system.
  • Multiple finishes.
  • Top quality accessories.

The result, a top quality integrated hospital door. Find out more about our technical door projects for hospitals.

What sets us apart from other manufacturers?

At Soleco we have patented the Knock-Down® hospital door assembly system that allows us to guarantee that the installation of technical doors in nursing homes, clinics and hospitals fits perfectly into any type of partition wall. 

It is an adaptable installation method, which facilitates the installation of doors for health centres, both in new construction and in interior renovations after partitioning. This system certifies a great durability and resistance. And maintenance is made easy by the use of hygienically resistant materials. 

The advantages of choosing Soleco Cercos hospital doors go one step further:

    • We use hygienic materials and easy-to-clean finishes that are highly durable.
    • All of our hospital doors (security doors, corridor doors, operating theatre doors) are designed to withstand impacts and scratches.
    • For areas with high levels of humidity, our Soleco doors guarantee their resistance and integrity.

In addition, as an option, you can request the following treatments:

  • Antibacterial treatment to provide superior resistance to microorganisms.
  • If you are going to install doors for X-Ray areas, we provide the frames and doors with an interior lead reinforcement that meets all the safety and quality requirements demanded by current regulations. 
  • Acoustic insulation under the umbrella of the 30 dB, 32dB, 43 dB regulations.
  • Specific treatment to provide greater fire resistance in compliance with the Ei 30 / Ei 45 / Ei 60 / UL10C regulations. 

Operating theatre doors with full guarantee

Discover our solutions for operating theatre doors. At Soleco Cercos we have a wide range of doors with specific treatments to guarantee maximum hygiene and safety. 

Our hermetic hinged doors for operating theatres with telescopic frame are manufactured in aluminium, 1.5 mm galvanised steel or stainless steel. They are available in RAL, antibacterial RAL and satin steel finishes. 

Soleco hospital doors in healthcare facilities around the world

In addition to manufacturing doors for hospitals and medical centres in Spain, our team works for healthcare institutions all over the world. Our door design services for healthcare spaces include the following references:

  • PVC-edged HPL doors and phenolic-edged HPL doors: high resistance, easy maintenance and certified quality.
  • Antibacterial doors for clinics and hospitals, with an exclusive treatment on the elements and lacquering.
  • Special leaded doors for X-ray rooms and high-tech test areas.
  • Fire resistant doors: all our doors comply with European and American standards. That’s why our doors for hospitals, medical centres and private clinics can be used all over the world.
  • Acoustic doors for waiting rooms and bedrooms: two areas where privacy and comfort must be at a maximum. The door types for healthcare facilities comply with acoustic standards.
  • Doors for psychiatric areas with special anti-suicide handles and concealed hinges to prevent self-harm.

Accessories and complements for hospital doors

We customise the doors of health centres and private clinics according to your needs with these extras:

  • Impact protection plates for doors: in areas with a lot of movement, such as emergency rooms, ICU and ICU. At Soleco we have technical door panels for medical centres in different sizes.
  • Glass panels for sanitary doors.
  • Door edge protectors for high traffic areas made of galvanised steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

At Soleco we have a wide range of technical door solutions 100% adapted to each space in the various health centres: hospitals, private clinics, outpatient clinics or speciality centres.


Easy maintenance

Easy cleaning and maintenance thanks to the use of hygienic and resistant materials.

Easy installation

Adjustable Knock-Down® system that facilitates placement after partitioning.


Easy installation in new construction and renovation.

Long durability

Great durability thanks to the use of top quality materials.

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Shock resistant
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Humidity Proof
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