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Hidden frame

Soleco concealed frames are an innovative system for installing in interior doors. The door is flush and concealed in the partition wall, without the frame holding the door leaf being visible. They fit perfectly in all types of walls with traditional plaster, of different thicknesses and materials, or in PYL walls and ceilings.

This concealed frame system consists of a set of aluminium or steel profiles.

You can opt for concealed hinges or exposed hinges and standard or silent latches.

You can see our Soleco concealed frame catalogue here.

Easy to install Soleco Concealed Frames

At Soleco we will advise you on the best option and adapt it with total guarantee.

This Soleco concealed frame system offers several advantages:

We use the best quality materials in anodised profiles to avoid corrosion or oxidation that can be caused by wall mortar. 
Thanks to our concealed frame systems, we adapt to the dimensions of the opening you have, both in height and width, and to the style and thickness of the partition wall.

Any type of concealed frame door will go unnoticed and with the perfect movement for its operation. Our finishes are optimal in terms of aesthetics and functionality of the doors.

Types of concealed door frames

What concealed door frame options do we manufacture at Soleco?

  • Flush aluminium frames with Soleco hinge or concealed hinge type.
  • Frame with interior opening with a choice of exposed or glossy (plasterboard) aluminium finish.
  • Concealed frame with external opening, with concealed hinges with offset.
  • Concealed galvanised steel frames.

Concealed frames are the perfect solution for flush doors

This type of project with concealed frame doors is in great demand by architects and interior decorators. They are trendy, as they are the best solution to create clean and elegant spaces. 

Hidden door frames are installed in homes that want to create a modern, avant-garde and more careful atmosphere, in offices and offices, galleries, large surfaces, and wherever we want to differentiate the use of conventional doors.

Concealed frame systems in flush doors offer great advantages due to their adaptability:

  • They allow doors painted or decorated with the same paint as the walls to be fully integrated into the walls.
  • They do not require additional trim to cover joints, such as jambs or protrusions, which gives us more space.
  • Thanks to the system of hinges hidden in the door itself, these will never be seen.
  • Visually, wider spaces are achieved.
  • Aesthetically, they offer great versatility. We can integrate them with the same finishes as the wall coverings or personalise the environment with other landscape and more minimalist decorations. 
  • They are perfect for the installation of interior hotel doors and even a very good option for educational center doors.

The metal frames and sub-frames remain concealed in the partition wall.

Frameless flush doors are designed to create an invisible entrance to a room or passageway. They are the best allied element to give more homogeneity to the space. 

These doors with a concealed frame supported on pre-frames, which are actually the door frames, are fixed to the wall by means of screw and anchoring systems.

The specific function of these is to adapt the joining surface between wall and door. They are aluminium profiles that can be adapted as required.


Easy maintenance

Easy cleaning and maintenance thanks to the use of hygienic and resistant materials.

Easy installation

Adjustable Knock-Down® system that facilitates placement after partitioning.


Easy installation in new construction and renovation.

Long durability

Great durability thanks to the use of top quality materials.