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Doors for Nursing and Care Homes

Care homes for the elderly present a series of particularities when it comes to planning the construction elements. Especially those with which the inhabitants must interact.

In a nursing home or day centre, a wide variety of profiles and situations of elderly people congregate: people who are completely independent in their mobility, or those who require some help to a greater or lesser degree of dependence. That is why one of the greatest challenges in manufacturing doors for retirement homes is to adapt them to the different users.

At Soleco we have the best doors for retirement homes and senior citizen centres that combine strength, durability, warmth, regulations, ease of opening and, in bathroom areas, great resistance to humidity.

We have a wide range of catalogue of doors for retirement homes.

Approved doors for retirement homes

Soleco guarantees that all the doors for retirement homes that we manufacture comply with current regulations and are therefore approved doors for retirement homes. However, we also offer an extra guarantee of quality and durability. 

The approved doors are valid for:

  • Retirement homes
  • Day centres
  • Centres specialising in rehabilitation
  • Residential centres


We adapt 100% to the possibilities and budgets of each residence. 

In Soleco we are manufacturers of doors for nursing homes made to measure: our team has extensive experience in manufacturing doors for senior citizen centres all over the world. 

  • 30 minute fire resistant room entrance doors
  • Easy to install and long-lasting hinged doors
  • Exterior and interior sliding door
  • Antibacterial door
  • Doors for registers and wardrobes

Advantages of Soleco's doors for retirement homes

In addition to guaranteeing that our doors for groups comply with fire resistance regulations, as well as regulations on acoustic insulation, hygiene and durability, when you buy Soleco doors for senior citizen centres and hospital doors you are assured:

Doors with technical galvanised steel frames adaptable to any wall according to the RAL chart or stainless steel.

  • Stainless steel frames
  • Technical doors for residences, fire resistant, with antibacterial treatments, leaded to resist fire and with all the technical innovations in materials to guarantee acoustic privacy. 
  • Fire resistant doors that comply with Ei30, Ei60 standards.
  • Ei30 doors are placed in the entrance doors to each room, providing high security in case of fire.
  • HPL doors with PVC edge
  • HPL doors with phenolic edges
  • Polycarbonate doors
  • Antibacterial doors
  • Leaded doors
    30dB, 32dB and 42dB acoustic doors
  • Fittings adapted to the type of door chosen: handles, locks, door closers, panic solutions, hinges, protectors, and much more.  

Knock-Down system for communal doors

In addition to all these advantages, at Soleco we exclusively offer you our patented Knock-Down assembly system, which allows us to guarantee that in each installation of doors for retirement homes, it adjusts perfectly to the available opening and to any type of partition wall with a versatile solution, easy maintenance and installation and great durability.

Wooden residential doors

When it comes to choosing the type of door to install in an elderly care home, doubts arise as to which models are the most suitable. Are wooden doors for care homes of interest? Are metal doors better? In this situation, at Soleco we help you to choose.

Whether it is for the main door of the residence or for the common passage areas and even for the doors of the rooms of the elderly centres, one of the most demanded options are the wooden doors. What advantages do they provide?

  • They generate a feeling of greater warmth, and that is very important in a senior citizens’ centre.
  • Wooden doors adapt to all kinds of environments.
  • Aesthetically and technically, they combine with any style and with other materials such as metals or glass.
  • They offer a wide variety of finishes and details.
  • We use highly durable materials for wooden doors for retirement homes.
  • They are natural insulators for temperatures and acoustics, although we reinforce them to ensure that they comply with current regulations and that they are approved doors for care homes
  • They are very easy to clean.
  • They are designed to withstand impacts and scratches in high traffic areas.
  • They have specific treatments for greater resistance in humid environments, especially in the bathrooms of the rooms.

Doors for senior citizens' homes with metal frames

At Soleco we are specialists in the manufacture of doors for senior citizen centres with metal frames, as well as hotel doors.

Why do we choose these metal frames? They are highly adaptable, durable and very easy to install, whether in new construction or renovation. In addition, their maintenance is minimal.

We also offer models of doors for care homes with concealed hinges, as well as sliding doors for care homes or hinged doors as well as wardrobes and registers with top quality wooden doors.

Types of Soleco metal frames and fences

  • RAL lacquered frames, baked or micro-textured, hung in the chain of a closed circle and powder coated with high quality Qualisteelcoat quality certificate, guaranteeing a high resistance to shocks and humidity in bathrooms.
  • Lacquered frames with antibacterial paint
  • 1.2 mm stainless steel frames with a choice of high-strength stainless steel hinges or concealed hinge and with all certificates. 

Do you need to install impact protection panels on doors? We have a wide catalogue of PVC, Polycarbonate and Stainless Steel plates and hardware of maximum durability. 


Easy maintenance

Easy cleaning and maintenance thanks to the use of hygienic and resistant materials.

Easy installation

Adjustable Knock-Down® system that facilitates placement after partitioning.


Easy installation in new construction and renovation.

Long durability

Great durability thanks to the use of top quality materials.

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Shock resistant
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EI regulations
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Acoustic insulation
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